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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Applejack Nails

Hey everypony!

So today ah'm gonna teach y'all how to do Applejack-inspired nails.

Y'all will need these polishes:
Bottom/top coat
Orange polish (Sally Hansen Sun Kissed)
Red polish with a thin brush
Yellow polish with a thin brush (or a design pen if you can find one. Ah couldn't.)

First, do the clear bottom coat. Ah honestly just learned about doin' this a little while ago and it works so great to prevent chippin'.

Then, do a coat of the orange.

Let that dry completely. And ah mean really completely. Ah waited about an hour between each color which weren't much fun for me, but it helped a lot.

Then on each nail, do a stripe of red.
Ah realize that the orange and red I picked were close together in color, but if you squint hard y'all can see it, right?

Once that's dry, do smaller lines of yellow over the red stripe and some horizontal lines across the top of the nail.
Ah'll be honest, this is hard. Ah messed up on mah own nails a lot and ah'm still not perfectly proud of them.
But if y'all can manage to get a look you like, great for you!
Good luck!

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