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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rarity T-shirt

Yes, it's a Rarity post again! I get inspired by her a lot.

(it would probably look better on somepony skinnier. but I couldn't find a model, so I had to wear it)

To make this shirt, you'll need the following:
A fitted white shirt
Purple lace (I got a yard and a half for a large shirt)
Iron-on rhinestones
Purple thread

Cut the lace into strips and lay it out on the shirt in the pattern that you like best.

Pin the lace to the shirt. (I got rid of the lace on the sleeves--didn't look quite right. But you can do whatever you think looks best.)

Sew the lace on. I used two straight stitches to make sure it was secured and to get the nice even line. If you happen to have a sewing machine, I highly recommend using it.

Lay out your rhinestones in a pattern that looks best to you. I decided to vaguely follow the shape of Rarity's cutie mark (though I know it's hard to tell) and put some of them under the lace so that little shine peeks through.

Iron on the rhinestones according to the package directions. Make sure that the iron won't melt your lace!

And that's all you need! See, it's easy for anypony to be fashionable with just a little work.

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